Looking for a reliable courier service for your company? Confused about where to start searching from? Do not know who to trust? This article will help you decide on a company that serves your business needs. 

Few things go without saying when scouring a place for a courier company. Check their pricing, diversity of services, and overall repute.

However, there are other things you need to inquire about right within the first meeting before you sign the agreement with any courier company. After all the repute and market value of your business depends on it. Here are those important questions. 

1. For how long have you been providing courier services? 

If you want to courier a personal gift or any personal item, then hiring a service that is the cheapest in town is the best way to go. But what if the entire success of your company depends on timely deliveries via courier? You need to hire a company that has been in business for some time. 

It is imperative that you verify the years of experience of the courier company and check their online reviews, find out how far they date back.

2. What are the different types of services your courier company offers?

There are various kinds of courier services operating in your area. You want one that offers a diverse range of services. This includes cash on delivery, 24/7 delivery, same-day delivery, deliveries on public holidays, or even the weekends. 

The price packages are also of great importance. Find out if the company offers different rates for personal and commercial packages.

3. How many delivery vehicles does the company own?

Even if your product is small that needs to be delivered, you must ask the company how many vehicles they own. 

If they only have a limited number of delivery trucks, there are chances that your delivery may get delayed. So make sure the company has enough capacity to handle same-day or 24-7 deliveries in all areas that your business covers.

4. How reliable are the drivers?

This goes without saying that unprofessional and amateur drivers will provide poor service. They must uphold high levels of professionalism which starts by wearing a uniform. A uniform shows that the company follows a decorum and a certain set of rules. 

Then ask about how the drivers are trained in terms of customer service or are given any training at all? Because the courier company and its employees are acting as a mediator between your business and your customer, hence they represent you. 

In the end, do not forget to verify the insurance policy and the background checks of the drivers. Ask about how each person is vetted before he is employed. 

5. How are the packages protected or secured during delivery?

Poor driving skills are one thing but improper packing or protection of the packages is another. The latter is absolutely necessary. 

Inquire about how the company handles the packages right from the packing stage to the shipment stage. Do they pack in bubble wraps for fragile items? How are the items secured in the delivery vehicle? Are the delivery vans insulated? What is the insurance policy in case of any damages? 

6. What form of communication will you establish with my business?

We do not live in a perfect world. Hence, your deliveries may not always go to plan. So, in case of unforeseen circumstances such as roadblocks or bad weather, ask how the courier company will convey the delay to your business? Who will be the person in charge of the communication? 

Check what is the company’s policy on cancellation or return of the order? If a courier company cannot stay in touch with you, there is no point in hiring them. 

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7. Is there a guaranteed timeframe available for the deliveries?

This is extremely important. You must check with your courier company on what is the minimum and maximum timeframe in which they can make successful deliveries. If your client is paying your business for same-day delivery, he/she must get the package on the same day of the order, not the next day. 

8. How will my business be notified regarding successful deliveries or packages on-route? 

The courier company should keep you apprised of the delays or cancellations or return of packages, however, they must notify you about successful delivery along with constant shipping status updates.

So ask them if they do this via an app, webpage, or text messaging. Make sure their mode of communication is valid and works for you. 

9. Can you pick up the packages from our office? 

One way you can greatly benefit from a courier company is if they offer a pickup service. Check with them if they can timely pick up the packages from your office once a request is placed. 

Also, ask them how far ahead the request for pickup needs to be placed for a timely delivery? You should stick with a service that offers instant pick-up service from your office.

10. Do you have any restrictions on the kind of packages you deliver or the products inside?

Many courier companies do not deliver items like money orders or legal documents, or items with alcohol, or food-related packages. 

You must ask the courier company if they have restrictions in place regarding the kind of package they deliver. What is the point of hiring a service for your cake business if the courier company does not deliver food items?