Medical Transport Service

Medical Transport Services

Medical Transport Services In Williston ND

Mr. Kab Taxi is proud to announce that we provide one of the best medical transport services in Williston and around. With more people felling prey to dangerous diseases and road accident ratio being at an all-time high, professional medical transport services are pretty in demand. The vehicles used by us for lifecare medical transport are fully equipped with basic medical facilities to assist the patient while going to the hospital. These are no ordinary vehicles; they are bigger than a car and have laying capacity for a patient and sitting capacity for multiple patients. Each transport vehicle carries a driver and one to two medical assistants who sit at the back and assist patients in getting on and off the vehicle. We also make sure the patient does not get worse during transport and has all these monitoring devices connected to them to monitor their health. If you ever find a loved one or yourself in a need of medical transport service, to or from any hospital just give us a call and leave all the rest on us!

Medical Transportation
Long Distance Medical Transport

Long Distance Medical Transport Williston ND

Mr. Kab Taxi came up with a Cross country medical transport and interstate medical transport service to facilitate such patients who have to travel long distances in order to be able to get access to modern medical facilities. When it comes to patient’s health and safety, we make it our utmost priority and revolve everything around it. We realized that many people have to travel interstates or even cross country to get medical assistance. The vehicles we use for this purpose are fully equipped with necessary monitoring machines and instruments accompanied by multiple health professionals to ensure a safe and sound transfer of the patient from one state to another. The next time you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you have to transfer a patient to a long-distance medical facility, just give us a call and leave all the transfer related worries on us!

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