Who do I call if I have lost something in one of your cabs?

In case you have lost something in one of our cabs, you can get in touch with us via email or by calling us directly, Mr. Kab Taxi will make certain that all your belongings have been returned to you at the earliest.

What are the available payment options at Mr. Kab Taxi?

Payment at Mr. Kab Taxi can be made through Credit Cards, Debits Card, or Cash.

Do you allow pets in your cabs?

If you’re traveling with a pet, let your cab driver know before he arrives to make sure whether your cab driver allows it or not. Mr. Kab Taxi has rights reserved to refuse any animals or pets with the sole exception of Guide Dogs.

Do I have to pay in advance if I’m booking an airport transfer?

You can always pay for your airport transfer in advance, however, you can also pay the fare of your ride after you have arrived at your destination. Mr. Kab Taxi will be delighted to assist you either way.

Can I pay for my fare via Credit/Debit cards?

Of course, you can! Mr. Kab Taxi does not restrict customers from using Credit/Debit cards.

Do you take wheelchairs?

In the case of traveling with a wheelchair kindly inform your Mr. Kab Taxi Operator before he has arrived.

Can a group of people book a Mr. Kab Taxi?

If you’re traveling with a group, reserve a Mr. Kab Taxi that’s the right size for the number of people and luggage. Please keep in mind that a child, regardless of age, counts as one passenger.

What do I do if I have booked an airport transfer and my flight gets delayed?

To prevent any cancellation fees, please notify Mr. Kab Taxi Operator of any cancellation or rescheduling of the Booking at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

What are the areas that you cover?

Mr. Kab Taxis provides service across North Dakota, as well as Montana and beyond.

Can I choose a different cab once I've made a reservation?

By calling our Mr. Kab Taxi Operator, you can alter your Mr. Kab Taxi Reservation.

Where will I meet the driver once I arrive at the airport or train station?

Mr. Kab Taxi will be waiting for you at the predetermined spot.

Will there be somebody else driving with me if I book a ride?

Mr. Kab Taxi provides personal transportation to customers, so you will be the only one in the cab. However, if you are traveling with others, it is necessary to specify the number of passengers when you are booking the ride.

Can I book a cab for pick-up and drop-off between different locations?

Mr. Kab Taxi reservations must have a single set pick up and drop point.

How do I book a ride with Mr. Kab Taxi?

To Book, a Mr. Kab Taxi, visit us at https://mrkabtaxi.com/ and make an appointment for your desired location and timeframe.

Do you have options to choose a cab from?

We provide a wide range of vehicles to meet your needs, and all Mr. Kab Taxis are modern, well-maintained luxury vehicles with air conditioning. We have regular cabs available for casual travel, luxury cars (Business Class) for cooperative travel, and vans available for family travel/picnics.

Will I be sent a receipt?

Yes, Mr. Kab Taxi will send you a receipt via email following a successful transaction.

Do you have a license for your business?

Mr. Kab Taxis are PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) License approved, ensuring a worry-free ride.

Does Mr. Kab Taxi provide airport transportation?

Mr. Kab Taxi most definitely does. To schedule an appointment, go to https://mrkabtaxi.com/.

Is it possible to take a cab with a baby?

You can surely do so. Please keep in mind that the baby, regardless of age, will be considered a passenger in the taxi.

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